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Varun Dhawan for Vogue (Mens Gallery editorial)

Varun Dhawan for Vogue (Mens Gallery editorial)

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Imran Khan for Mans World

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"I think my personal style is really quite simple. I like understated, classic clothes with a hint of nostalgia." 

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Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for this wonderful blog. I love that the "About Us" section says "Things look better in brown" because it is definitely true. Bless you wonderful internet people. :)

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I didn’t see this message until now, but thanks for the sweet message! 

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I love this blog! brown guys are so incredibly hot. . .. but who it this? it's driving me nuts. . .. type in your blogs address then put /image/1019992380

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Sorry, life’s been quite busy these past few months so i haven’t had a chance to check/update, but that would be the amazing John Abraham! :)

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omg my bwoyyssss

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